Technology for Civilization

As a product manager who has worked (and currently works) on a number of software and hardware automation products and services, I feel that we in the technology business should devote at least a portion of our time to working on new tech that leads to the betterment of civilization.

This blog will be the place where I will expand thoughts and link to new technologies that hold promise in these areas.

These days I am using Mastodon for most of my social interaction; and there you will find many amazingly gifted, insightful and smart technologists. Mastodon is so much more rewarding in this regard than Twitter!

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Technology for Civilization Image By <a href="//" title="User:Benh">Benh LIEU SONG</a> (<a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Flickr</a>) - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Pont du Gard</a>, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link